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Be Your Own Badass

My journey to self-discovery and self-love has been a long rough road. I was the woman who was always seeking everyone’s approval whether that been friends, family, significant others, co-workers, every single person in my life I was seeking their approval. It took for me to literally lose everything for me to realize that I do not need anyone’s approval. If I do not love myself how can I expect anyone else to truly love me? Has hard as my husband deciding to leave me and our marriage was it has opened my eyes to the changes that needed to be made within myself. Looking at the person that I was, I see the scared, broken woman with no self-confidence that needed her husband in order to “love” herself, and felt that she was nothing without a man to love her. I am grateful to him for helping me escape a very toxic relationship and showing me the love I so desperately needed and gave me our beautiful daughter and being the friend that I needed.

So I decided to be my own boss and take this time to discover the independent, strong, beautiful, smart woman I know that I am… she was just buried for a long time. It’s sad that it took me 30 something years to get here but hey better late than never right! It started with small things like affirmations that I do with my daughter every morning, I started to believe what I was teaching her, as well as learning that it is okay for me to have some sad emotions it’s not staying in those emotions for long periods of time that’s important. Learning that my body is my body. It may not be perfect but hey unless you have paid for it who after having a child has the perfect body it’s about accepting it and working a little every day to get slowly get to where I want to be. And knowing that I am my own version of a Badass I do not need to conform to what society thinks I need to be, being ME is ENOUGH, and when the time is right the right people will be in your life.

Before my journey to becoming my best self, I will admit I was needy, insecure, depressed, anxious, scared to the point where I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror and I did not want to have those traits passed on to my daughter. But someone important to me has helped me through this journey with tough love and reminding me that I am stronger than I think.

I have made a promise to myself to work every day to be the best version of myself and be better than the day before. Also to remember that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and girl you are one strong ass woman, love yourself because there is only ONE you and dammit you are great!

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