• Sara

I’m that MOM

"I’m the mom who sits alone at play places, but doesn’t want to. But anxiety makes me that way.

I’m the mom who won’t come up and talk to you first at our kids' school, because my brain has convinced me you don’t want to hear from me.

I’m the mom who sits by myself while my kids play at play places, listening to other moms talk. Agreeing with what they’re saying, even wanting to join in on the conversation. But I won’t. Because my brain tells me you don’t want me to. Or what I would say would be weird to you.

I’m the mom who when my child asks me to talk to their friend's mom at school, so they can have a play date, I will make excuses as to why I can’t.

I’m the mom who wants to go out way more with my three year old but my fear of him having a tantrum I can’t control takes over.

I’m the mom who wants to volunteer in my kid's class and for all that fun stuff. But my mind reminds me about the room full of strangers I would have to introduce myself to.

I’m the mom who’s trying.

I’m the mom with anxiety."


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