• Sara

Mommies Crazy New World

I still remember it's like it was yesterday, I was in the doctor's office after taking 5 home pregnancy tests and they all said negative but I was 2 weeks late there were two options. I was either sick or pregnant. Well the doctor comes in and says well you're definitely pregnant!

For the Next 40 weeks I watched my belly grow along with everything else haha, waiting in anticipation to meet my princess! She made her arrival on December 11th, 2017 and boy I was not ready for all of the madness that was yet to come. From the sleepless nights too the days of mom crying for no reason at all. My baby girl went from just a tiny baby to my sweet and sassy 2 and half year old.

Whether it's Eww mommy that's yucky when it was her favorite thing to eat the day before, or No mommy not those shoes, these ones. When they do not match what so ever. And needing a pair of sunglasses every time we leave the house even when it's cloudy. This mommy has definitely learned to pick my battles or it would be a constant battle with my head strong DIVA! Grandma has nicknamed her "Hollywood" for a reason haha.

Last but not least to my Princess mommy loves you to the moon and back, you will do amazing things in this world... Mommy just has to survive raising you first!

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