• Sara

The Crossroads

When you are with someone who has every materialistic thing they could want, what is it that you provide for them? Some will tell u be their peace, provide that stability and support they have never had. While others will tell you to go get that bag and add value that way. For me I’m at a crossroad do I sit back and just be Ace girl or do I get out there and make that bag and make my own name?

I love the idea of both to be completely honest. I have always had a lot of drive and ambition just no true outlet to place it with, you could call me a jack of all trades but a master of none. But I also like the idea of always being there for my daughter and Ace no matter what the need maybe.

The downfall to just being Ace’s girl is I get categorized as a gold digger an opportunist and just using him. When in reality it’s far from that. I love this man for who he is not his stage name and what he does for a living. I truly do ride for him no matter what the situation maybe. I love him for his highs and his lows. I love him when he needs space to finish a project, even when that means I go weeks without actually seeing him. I one thousand percent support his dream even if that means always taking the backseat to that dream. I know for a lot of females that’s a no go, but my relationship isn’t for everyone to understand or agree with. For me being consistent for Ace and my daughter is my priority. Always being there for whatever it maybe. It does not matter if it’s 2 o’clock in the morning or 2 o’clock in the afternoon if they need me I’m going to be there. That maybe something as simple as hey I’m working on something can u bring me some food, I’m really in the zone and don’t want to lose it or mom can u come help me get this. Or it could be I need you to invest in me and my dream whatever the case for those two there is nothing in the world I wouldn’t do!

I recently started an LLC and am throwing around ideas about what exactly I can do. I want to incorporate my daughter but don’t want to force something on her she doesn’t want. Which is why I don’t post her on social media or haven’t done the viral thing with her because if she decides that on her own great but I don’t want to choose that for her. So if u have any ideas for me please send them my way because I am brain storming like mad over here. I also have thrown around the idea of starting a video blog so people can actually see my life because I really don’t show the world much of who I truly am… here is where I have been starting to do that.

So you could say I am at a crossroads or you could say girl you can have it all… when in reality I can’t have it all because that would mean one would suffer over the other.

With Love,


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