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The life- changing magic of not giving a FUCK!!!

When I first bought Sara Knight's book the life changing magic of not giving a Fuck, I bought it as a joke. While I read into the book I began to realize Bitch you let to many things affect you that you should just not give a fuck about!! I have personally spent way to much time giving a fuck about what people thought and spending my fuck bucks as she calls them on shit that wasn't worth me or my time. i.e. wondering why people in my life refuse to treat me with respect and treat me like shit.... that is over with I will not continue to let anyone treat me like shit. You don't have to like me but you fucking respect me! I don't give a fuck if your family or someone I have known my entire life or hell I just met you, I have a duty to myself and my daughter to not allow people in our lives if they don't treat us as the queen and princess we are. I will not allow her to grow up thinking just because someone is your family it is okay for them to treat you like shit.... Sometimes the best family isn't blood.

I believe that starting a Fuck Budget is going to be my best option:

I know what you’re probably thinking, because I was thinking it, too, while reading this book: How do you stop doing things you don’t want to do (attending a kinda-friend’s baby shower) when you’re worried it will hurt someone else’s feelings? Knight’s answer is a Fuck Budget. Nail down the limited group of friends, family members, and coworkers (and which of their showers, homemade jam sales, and Kickstarters) you value the most and whom you will support enthusiastically. They get your fucks. But those who are not on the list are not guaranteed your time, effort, or funds. This tenet empowered me to RSVP no to a peripheral member of my friend group’s play opening. Most of the group is going, but I’ve decided it simply doesn’t fit into my Fuck Budget. Because let's keep it all the way 100 anyone who actually knows me, knows I am anti-social as FUCK!

But while trying to not give as many fucks, I find myself torn in the fact that things like my relationship I should give my fuck bucks on that right especially if I really want to live our best lives as a family right?? Like the fact that sometimes we go weeks without seeing each other, I get we are both busy. I am a single parent and I have my daughter 5 nights a week and work a full time job, and he's working hard at making his dreams come true so all our dreams can come true, but does that mean I can't miss him and feel like I am not a priority at times? Or should I just let it be and know that is just how it is? Sometimes I feel like maybe I am giving too many fucks on my relationship, but then I feel like I am overreacting. Because he knows I am not going anywhere. But then again I tell myself to get it together, why would you expect anything less from him? He has shown you who he is from day one and that has and will not change. You will love him for who he is as you have for the past year. Because when you love someone you love all of them, the good and the not so great because no one is perfect. At the end of the day we are perfectly imperfect together. I will continue to give my fucks to my daughter and my relationship and living our best lives.

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