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Your Not In Kansas Anymore Dorothy

When you get into a relationship with someone in the spotlight (no matter how big or small.) Your life is about to change forever, most are pros but it has it's cons as well. After having a conversation with my girlfriend who is also in a relationship with a propionate person, I decided that some things needed to be said and addressed. Let me set the record straight when I first started speaking to my significant other, let's call him Ace for now. When he said he was a rapper my first thought was...yep I am sure you are (in my brain saying I am too in my bathroom and in the car.) So I was skeptical of the career choice, if you are really a rapper what do you want with me (recently separated, on my way to a divorce single mom of a 2 year old now 3 year old.) Not to mention my confidence was pretty shot from my ex saying he wanted a divorce. On top of it I am 7 and a half years older than him and he's fine af. So for anyone who says that I am only with him for the lifestyle y'all can just leave now... no really you can go. Being with someone in the music or social media industries can be tough. Like in our situation Ace has 23k followers on Instagram alone. Some of them have some serious boundary issues. Like girl if he hasn't subscribed to your Only fans account with you posting it, you do not need to get in his DM's with the info. If he wanted to see it he would subscribe. I have also seen more asses twerking and basically naked pictures than I ever wish to see. But I can commend Ace for always respecting our bond and what we have by not ignoring these thots but kindly telling them those things are not necessary. When some of the more crazed fans find out you are with that person you then become their target because you just ruined their fantasy of being with your man/ woman. So that means that me being the proud mama I am I can no longer post my child on any of my own social media, and this one was hard for me to adjust to. It took me personally a while to remember that just because I look at my man as a normal man there are people all around the world that he's a star. I am not saying that I do see him as talented or having the potential to be the next Dr. Dre or Jay Z, but I live an everyday life with him (i.e. cooking and cleaning and just chilling as a family.) I also have to remember that everything I post could affect him and his brand. So thinking twice before posting is a must!! As well as us not posting pictures and posts about being together, because who wants to become a target for the internet trolls, so for us being discrete is just easier to be completely honest. Side note: it's not like we never leave the house together if that's the vibe you were getting. You must be a strong confident person that knows that yes there will always be people in their DM's and hitting on them right in front of you. And part of their job is to entertain it to a point. But what you have to remember is they chose you for what you bring to the table. That maybe something as simple as you always hold them down when times are tough and you showed them you love them for them not because of their status and are not here for clout. Or on the Flip side you could have a big social media following and your significant other is also in the industry and always has someone trying to slide in your place... you must hold your head high and know you are a FUCKING BOSS BITCH and they are just as lucky to have you as you them. #powercouplegoals For me personally Ace has helped me go from a woman who cared what everyone thought to not caring what people really think. Yes getting likes on Instagram is great it helps build my own brand but it's not my end all be all, I will still remain the bad bitch I am. We are all beautiful and sexy in our own way and we do not need to be out here changing our bodies to look like a Kardashian or other industry women. As I have been told many many times if he wanted to be with someone who looked like a industry woman, he would just go be with an industry woman. And I am not out here saying you shouldn't workout or be your healthiest version of you, what I am saying is be your best self not what society says you should be. You also have to be very comfortable being alone because they are gone a lot, that means sometimes missing birthdays, anniversaries or family events. You must remember them being gone is paying the bills and keeping you comfortable. And if they truly love you like they say they do, they definitely make up for being gone when they are home. On another note they are always on their phone so don't even entertain the thought they are texting thots and what not because business never sleeps, yes they may be talking to females, but if your relationship is solid they don't hide those things from you whatsoever. Remember business is business and personal is personal and if they are serious about their business they do NOT mix the two, I repeat they do NOT mix the two. OH and on another note don't ever plan on getting anywhere on time for that same reason, a business call will come while you are trying to get out the house and they have to take it. With all that being said I am going to leave all of you with one last thing. You can think what you wish about Ace and I relationship, but know we are solid and happy. Together we are what one another needs in their person. So go on live your best lives and be positive people!

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